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Monday, March 06, 2006

Kindle Act Vie - Its Time to Ascend

I was going through a quondam footnote that limned the connotation of the word SUCCESS, which one of my friends had left for me few years erstwhile. The very note construed a new definition to the word SUCCESS. The note goes like this:

Select carefully your aim
Unmask your inner power
Concentrate on pace and way
Completely involve yourself in it
Entirely work towards it
See your dreams turn in to reality
Start acting at this moment

In allegiance to this new definition of SUCCESS are the few lines presented hereinafter in the form of a cadential verse or the runic prose.

Kith - Any good in repenting for the past
can there be a thing that shall ever last
why to sob for those, that are so far lost
when there’s life, still promising the most

descry the oceans of vigor that within you lie
Amigo - keep up the spirit, and never say die
assay and deem; carefully choose thy way
for the world is reckoning on you to repay

peruse and reify, its no time to hark back
steadfast and hold upon the fruitful track
Victor - cherish thy dreams, let them guide
pursue and deify, thy visions in the life's stride

In close the desires, by knowing your needs
cease the trepidity by the knowledge of truth
widen your limits by dispelling all that’s myth
apotheosize the life through thy effulgent deeds

Time and tide, as ever shall wait for none
haste and skim upon all that’s undone
know thy weakness and know thy power
quell the glower; let effervescence flower

Amen, all the failures have invariably blessed thee
with experiences of multitude in the interims of wee
if there's ado and kerfuffle; they shouldst cease to be
soon there shall be success that shall close in with glee

Kindle; Life is a finicky and intransigent
Act now, rather being sullen and fainéant
Vie - Thy life is an open ended game
Illumine and make it an open sesame