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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Rhapsody And Melancholy Yet Again

The mushy evening zephyr has yet again brew
the indelible
memories of yore; ab ovo its true,
Out of this earth and sky, but only in You
that my Lass, the true love per diem grew
And then, the world seemed sweet and new

And the thoughts of You, that still do remind
of all the sweet memories that you left behind
Like the dark and soupy clouds in the moonless sky
without you now, my heart is sombre and dry
Be veracious in you, thy true Love that I still deify

Myriads are the memories that never fade
Whispering in silence are the words you said
Impersonating are thy signs that still do aid
for all the anamnesis, of the times spent in delight
Bereft of you, now in the enduring earth and night

Countless are the tales of my sleepless nights
I am the ineluctable prey of your trenchant sight
In candour, you stole my heart in my own right
Entranced in the thoughts that one day I might
surely, Ascend with you to the greatest heights

In You, My true Love, that I assure
With you be it the pain or pleasure
With thy be it the joy or sorrow
Now, for long, is the truth I avow;
Thy love is my only precious treasure

Beyond All, the space, time, ado and mirth
to the eternity of life, I shall wait for thee
Into my pristine house come bold and free
Come forth, and bring with you a heart
That shall never and ever of me depart.