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Sunday, June 26, 2005

In The Serendipity of Contingent Doom or The Predestination?

Wandering aimlessly, here and there,
Don't know why, and don't know where.

Life in the deep is like a splenetic briar!
Deprived of the virtues, the brutes flair.
Far from the truth, is my haunted lair
where the earth seems like the Vanity Fair.

Wandering aimlessly, here and there
Jeering at the retrospect of life's mere

Lost since the ages, is the men with his wanton spleen
and for all the woods, that stand withered of lush Green
Darker are the days, than the gloomy and dismal nights
In the camouflage of dark shadows upon seraphic lights

Wandering aimlessly, here and there
Smothered of deeds, the meeds in sere

Bereaved of truth and Peace, the Cur's fight
Deflowering the Love, from their hearts sight
Cleaving to all the hopes, in the illusive might
Evanescent Life; Thus sails in the Nature's right

Wandering aimlessly, here and there
Cruising for the Destiny, that is nowhere.