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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Solitude - Where The Silence Speaks

Every human being lives in his personal world, made up of experiences and convictions, some acquired in life, others inherited from family, environment and nature. Solitude and “distance” are closely connected. We feel alone because may be we perceive the world around us as something foreign and often hostile.
Solitude should be understood, rather than fled from; when we try to escape from what lies inside ourselves, wherever we go it reappears to torment us because it is a problem we carry inside.
Solitude vests us with the myraid opportunities to open oneself up to the inherent thoughts, the mysteries of nature, the possible senses of superiority or inferiority, and learning a greater ability to communicate and express
and represent the best premise to oneself . In solitude one can depict the best possible picture of the self.

Oh!, Solitude how blissful are thee!!
Here I stand in glee, careless and free.

Oft in silence, My shadow speakth, and I Listen
to all the Sweet Thoughts that make me glisten.
Where, I put myself to the fame and ignominy
Blessed is the life in true peace and harmony.

Oh!, Solitude how blissful are thee!!
In you, I discern the very eternal of me.

Solitude affords the needed opportunity of regaining heaven's perspective on the mysteries of life.