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Monday, January 02, 2006

Minutes of Midnight

The meeting has dispersed; the moths
Bid farewell to the candle-light
Departure's the hour on the sky
Only a few story mark the night.

What ever has remained will not remain
They too will quickly disappear
This is the worlds way, although we
Last to the world lay sleeping here.

It’s one of the hard laws of the nature, simply stark in itself. Be it the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end, “Everything that begins has to end. Neither will there be an end to the beginnings nor will there be any end to the beginnings.” Even the nature by itself adheres to this law.

The future transits to present, the transient present swiftly ruins to past and the past transcends in itself. Dancing to the tunes of the time and riding on tranships of days and night all the things grow and transmute. The things should rather not just grow or change; they should ameliorate and transcend the past ambits and mark the new horizons in all possible paths.

At the stroke of midnight, 31-DEC-2005 gave a way to the 1-JAN-2006 and another new year entered our lives. It has not just entered or life, but has brought with it the new dreams, responsibilities and burdens that need to be realized, achieved and faced.

Every day is special and unique, for all it can come is only once, no matter you live in it or not. No day has recrudesced. It has been the innate nature of the mankind to demarcate a few days from the rest, and build hodgepodge facts around it to befit and benefit oneself. One of such is the New Year Day.

Yet, it's all the fata morgana, which the mankind has created for itself. We can never be wise, but by our own wisdom. Let the experiences of the past; bear in us the lessons that shall guide us steadily and smoothly in the coming days.

The future beckons on us. Wither do we go and what shall be our endeavor?